Hmm… we have seen the TVs, cell phones, music players, CD/DVD players, cameras in the market in the last few years. What next ?

First of all, when I am talking about all this, this is specifically targetted for Indian market.

We have had lot of propagation over convergence but not much of it is visible in Indian market till now. Lets see we do have cell phones which are bluetooth enabled, however, the most guys use the bluetooth for is for connecting to their bluetooth earpiece. Would love to see someone with a bluetooth stereo in his car connected to the cell phone, and taking call in his car on something as simple as honking, without having to talking on his cellphone speaker, mind u. How about a concept when you SMS your home phone which triggers your microwave to heat your food for 3 mins and your washing machine to go another round of washing and drying just when you are about to reach home.
Convergence for me is the next big thing for Indian Consumer Electronics.