This is a dashboard for monitoring progress of COVID19 in India.

Total active cases trend

This chart depicts the progression of total active cases in India over the last 45 days. The scale of this is millions. This is the key one we need to monitor.

Total cases trend

In case you were wondering how we are doing as compared to other countries, here is a comparision with USA’s total confirmed cases


Daily new cases & recoveries

This depicts the trend of daily new cases being reported and daily recoveries across India. There are two key purposes for this chart –

  1. Monitor whether recoveries are catching up with the new cases therefore, indicating when will we see a drop in active cases
  2. Monitor whether we are getting fewer or more new cases every passing day – an indicator or the transmission continuing or coming under control

New cases

Growth Rate

This depicts the 5-day moving average of the daily growth rate for both total confirmed and total active cases. Choice of 5-day moving average because daily growth rate has a tendency of fluctuating with events of transmission therefore, can throw up a wrong trend in short term, at least for prediction purposes whereas a moving average neutralizes the effect to quite an extend.

Growth Rate

State wise statistics

Top States - New Cases

This chart depicts the daily average new cases of the Indian states with most cases reported last 5 days.

Top states

State wise death rate

This bar chart is to monitor the COVID19 death rate state wise. This indicates which states have higher fatalities relatively. This can be an indicator of the virus variant prevalent in that region which can further be correlated to the source country of transmission in that region. This can also be an indicator of the efficacy of health infrastructure.

State wise death rate