I faintly remember a news from last year (or the previous) when there was this Indian teen who built an Operating System claimed to be a step ahead of Windows that time and one of the Indian IT companies (HCL I guess) came forward to take up the detailed study, and promotion thereon, of that OS. It became an instant news, exciting everyone in the industry and witnessed lots of people from the community and the media going all out praising for the innovative minds of Indian genius. And the news died its death, as did the OS I guess. I tried to google on the subject and found the following link http://hindustan.net/discus/messages/60/13420.html

Turns out it was hoax that took off like anything on internet and in the media. A question that comes up in my mind often is why the hell our Indian companies stay away from hard code innovation and selling serials. I knew the answer, the dollar game. Exactly why when I see dollar value dropping, it brings a smile to my face each day. I know the way forward, and the best part is most of the top managements of Indians companies does as well. We are not so far away from the point when Rupee will stand stronger than every and our companies would device better ways to survive than to cash in on the dollar-rupee ratio. Perhaps, that would lead to innovations and also to recognition of REAL QUALITY labor.

Not that the services industry would or should meet its end in any of the cases, however, the product industry or the other businesses surrounding it would stand equally taller. I see a lot of MNCs closing down their development centers in India as well, however, only a few. There would still be some continuing because the quality of the Indian IT Professional would improve for sure.

Looking forward to a hoax turning into a reality when, not a Ramlal Bhagat, but for sure a Raju or a Murty would challenge Gates.

Guys.. lets start thinking of the names just in case we are the one destined to come up with the next big thing – an OS, a compiler, a DB, a middleware suite.