Ok… the funniest of the things happened last evening. We are currently in a process of integrating a renouned Payment Gateway with our site and they have provided an API for it. We have been having compatibility issues of their API with our IBM JRE being used in our project.

Now, I was driving back home and I got a call from this bank guy to ask me about the issues we are facing with the integration. He said he was calling from the technical helpdesk. Confident that he was, without even hearing me out, he went on to talk about how this was a simple thing and should have been accomplished within a couple of days and stuff. I asked him if he was aware the version of java their API is compatible with and he said “Ahh. Dont worry about that, we are compatible with all versions of java… 2000, XP, even 2003. If you are facing any issues, just restart your IIS and it would work.“. Turned out, he was a sales guy from the bank. 🙂

PS – Actually got hold of the development team of the Payment Gateway today, and, ironically, they gave in when realized that we are on IBM JRE.