disclaimer – None of the stuff in this blog or in the leading series is meant to be used for any illicit purposes and is meant to grow technically and ethically and contribute to the technical community and help do our job better.

What is hacking ? Its not just breaking into an organization’s network and take away confidential information. Its not just defaming a website. Its not just stealing credit card info. Its not just cracking a software which was meant to be used only if licenced. Actually, its nothing to do with these things. Most of the people reading this already would have heard and known of Ethical Hacking and I guess would understand it to an extent as well…

The first known hackers where the guys who provided railways with a communication network from the unused telephone instruments and other stuff. Hackers were the guys who were the best of the lot, the ones who found new innovative ways to get the job done. These guys started from a point in technology where they didnt have the luxury of resources that we have today, in terms of hardware, in terms of references and help material, in terms of technological options. Within the limited and constrained environment, they developed some of the best masterpieces. Internet is one of the gifts of hackers to the community.

Most of the teenagers making their names by breaking into some big networks or cracking a software are merely using exploits available on the internet and using them as guided to accomplish their tasks. There is a complete lack of originality and innovativeness in doing this. This doesnt even require basic troubleshooting skills, trust me. The real hacker is the guy who got into the minute details of the bug he figured existed in an Operating System, devised a way to exploit it and get through it and use it for accomplishing something else on the OS, wrote the exploit and published it, while informing the OS vendor of the bug and possible exploit… thus, helping them fix it as well. Thats a real hacker and he not only deserves respect but also deserves not to be confused with the guy who just used to exploit and cracked through a popular website.

What say guys ?

Lookout for this space for more on hacking, their lingo, some simple techniques of hacking (can be used for making better applications) and may be a bit more.</p>