I know I will be disappointing a lot of people who might have been looking forward to learning How to hack into a network ? or How to crack a software ? or How to break into a popular website ? I assure all those that its not exactly what you would find here. However, the stuff you would find here would be definitely be a lot more fun and relevant to achieving something that can be way beyond stupid things like these. Keep the faith.

Hacking is an art and just like any other art, it has its history, and it has the generations of artists who have struck fame in hacking. Therefore, I really find it neccessary and obligatory to share the history of hacking (as much as I am aware of) with the interested.

Terms other than hacking which attract attention immediately are virus, trojon, worm, cracking etc. Virus are surely one of the most fascinating topics. The following are the detail of a very basic virus which is also the smallest known MS-DOS virus to me, the virus we are talking about is Tiny Virus.

Name: Tiny
Aliases: 163 COM Virus, Tiny 163 Virus, Kennedy-163
Discovery: June, 1990
Symptoms: COMMAND.COM & .COM file growth
Details of what it does:
Infected .COM files will increase in length by 163 bytes.
Infected files will also always end with this hex string: ‘2A2E434F4D00’.

This virus currently does nothing but replicate.

The first time a file infected with this virus is executed,
the virus will attempt to infect the first .COM file in the
current directory. On bootable diskettes, this file will normally
be COMMAND.COM. After the first .COM file is infected, each time
an infected program is executed another .COM file will attempt to
be infected. Files are infected only if their original length is
greater than approximately 1K bytes.

This is one of the first viruses I read about and it really fascinated me. I saw the code of this virus and its fantastic to see how simple logic and make it so easy for any good programmer to trick an operating system into doing something its not meant to do.

Thats why I said, hacking is an art. The beginning hackers were the best of the lot programmers who thrived for developing the most elegant solution for any problem which was most resource friendly as well. Its the competition amongst themselves that brings out the best out of them and has brought technology to where it is today. If someone has contributed to securing networks, its hackers coz they are the guys who not only look for loopholes and create exploits but also tell us where the loopholes lie and how exactly they managed to exploit it.

Hail the hacker spirit !!!!!!!!

PS – Dont worry guys, you would get a bit of what you are looking for in coming posts. Just that I am find it hard to priortize what to publish first.