With the rise of cloud computing and shared technology infrastructure, it’s not far away that we’d start seeing other industries introducing cloud offering.

Looking at the current trend in real estate in India, cloud is already underway. Just look at the way real estate commercial investment has been shaping up. However, the only real consumption example is perhaps the resort memberships. Looking at the real estate prices in cities like Gurgaon, we might soon see Cloud Housing. It’s like a township or a housing society where everyone’s a tenant and builder is the owner or perhaps a group of investors who got it built from a builder.

Since, there is no capital investments from consumers, every amenity is an add-on fee and management is centralized… it’s a perfect setup for a typical middle class who cannot surely afford a house with today’s prices. The only hindrance would be the Indian mindset of living in an owned house. However, as the cloud computing has been adapted by corporates moving from a mind set of IT infrastructure assets and data security, its quite possible for a home-owner to become a cloud-home-owner as well.

See where it goes…