If you use bookmarks bar to any extent in Chrome, you’d surely have noticed how the padding / line spacing between bookmarks has blown up. Personally, its fairly irritating for bookmark folders where scroll starts to appear for 20 odd list.

Here’s how to fix it –

  1. Close Chrome
  2. Go to your Chrome shortcut properties by
    • Right clicking Chrome shortcut on your desktop or
    • Shift + Right clicking Chrome pinned to task bar or
    • Right clicking Chrome shortcut in the Programs menu
  3. Append “ –disable-new-menu-style” to the Target text
  4. Apply & Close
  5. Open Chrome

Voilà !!!

Update :

I had this working for over 3 weeks and suddenly it didn’t work anymore. Back to the blown up bookmarks again. I typically use the Pinned shortcuts as would most users. Started Chrome from the Program menu and its working again from Programs menu as well as the task bar shortcut. Seems like some kinda command caching in Windows. Need to figure out more.</div>