Going on with the Hockey site, http://www.seventyminutes.com is now an Under Construction site. Starting with Drupal….

I am sure a lot of people have been through this and might find this fundamental however, coming from a non-php background, I found this a little annoying at first.

When I started with my EC2 instance yesterday, getting started with Apache and MySQL was piece of cake. And then came Drupal… forgive my ignorance, I did everything Drupal Installation guide asked me to do except installing PHP. Ohh yes… missed that one.

Just when I opened my first php page in the browser I realized, I need PHP. Here I go with yum again however, it didn’t go until I noticed that instead of package php.x86_64 which kept throwing error messages of conflicts with some version of httpd modules, I would need to install php54.x86_64 and that worked.

Restarted Apache and I was at the install guide of Drupal.. a step ahead now, however not too later, I was looking at a Verify Requirement screen calling out 3 PHP modules missing. Tried searching for them on yum and installing them. No go. Didn’t even see the 54 version of these modules.. until I used search all and got them all.

Did I mentioned, you’d see MySQL in the database type list only if you’ve installed the MySQL php extension (again with a 54 suffix).

If any of you face an issue with “Array to String conversion” notice messages during the later stages of installation and subsequently on all your web pages, this link has a fix


Very well then… a step ahead now… keep you posted !!!