With COVID19 still around, sports events have not been happening and even when they start, they will need to start with empty stands. The players will miss the audience in the stands rooting for them and encouraging them. For Indian teams, it means missing the noise. Here’s a solution

A system which allows all TV spectators of the events to turn on audio capturing on their phone or smart device which they watch the match at home. Each spectator participating gets assigned to a stand in the stadium – reflecting his/her virtual seating in that stand. The system then intelligently combines the audio tracks of all the people and collective sound tracks or noise tracks are formed for each of the stands in the stadium where different fans are assigned to different stands. The sound system of the stadium is utilized to broadcast the combined noises of the spectators in the stadium in a distributed manner. There can be higher allocation to home team fans compared to the visiting team to ensure the home team advantage is retained.